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Linda Turner - Artist


Linda Turner, raised in both NYC and Northern Virginia, resides in Brooklyn. She achieved a BFA in Surface Design/Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and later completed her Masters in Art Therapy at Pratt. Additionally, Linda has studied at the Arts Students League, SVA, Parsons and painted with Tribeca Underground. ​Linda is a member of two collectives within the Shim Art Network on Artsy, Spliced Connector and Digital Odetta. She has participated in various group shows and her work is in private collections.

Artist Statement

My work can look like many things, yet underlying are visual conversations of who I am and who we are, as individuals, as communities, and in the world. Art-making for me expresses feelings, asks questions, seeks answers. It is also a space of respite and play, a way to move forward, enlivened, in an imperfect body and an imperfect world.

Linda Turner.jpeg

Many years spent as a home textile/product designer, combined with training and practice as an art psychotherapist, have informed my use of pattern, texture, layering and color; for all apply as much to design principles as they do to the human psyche and social condition. 

Layering, texture, scratching or scraping, the push and pull of paint, all invite what is hidden to emerge and what has emerged to retreat. Circles can be metaphor for an individual or the world, a container to hold polarities, unity, oneness and separations, within and around us. Pattern connects what appears to be random, contains what is messy, has me see what is hard to accept, and at times to envision something new. The use of marks, boxes and squares explore the scaffolding of next stages in life. I see my job as inviting them to come forth and teach me what needs to be known.

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